What’re we fighting for?

Rather than rehash all the blacked-out pages, links to legislation and high-minded, well-meaning commentary, I thought I’d fill the void by blogging about what the SOPA/PIPA link you share says about your approach to the internet.

Yes, I’m doing one of those lists.

Because the internet demands blood & shitty “content” today.

(Isn’t that what we’re all fighting for, after all? The right to use the internet for shit self expression?)

The most baseline form of “support” folks are showing is to link to an animated gif – a comic – from The Oatmeal.

It's the end of the internet as we know (and I feel fine)
It's the end of the internet as we know (and I feel fine)

What this says about you: If you’ve done this, it means you don’t really create any value on the internet. You just share around the same tired meme as everyone else, even if you got their first.

The second popular way to show your opposition to SOPA/PIPA is to link to Google’s two-pronged infographic & online petition.

Google's "Take Action" site
Google's "Take Action" site

What this says about you: All the above still applies, but you’re also willing to substitute filling out a simple form for actually taking meaningful action.

Everyone knows that if Congress actively understood the internet they wouldn’t have dreamed up this bullshit! Right this very second they’re discounting your “virtual signature” as that of an underage, basement-dwelling, non-stop-pirating malcontent.

Oh, but your voice is being heard. YOU SIGNED THE PETITION.

(Ed. note: I did this one)

The last/best approach (in my opinion) is Tumblr’s rolling roadblock. Users read their official statement and can instantly put in their own info to experience the following:

  1. Get a pre-recorded phone call from someone at Tumblr, explaining the laws and what you should say to your Senator
  2. Afterwords be instantly connected to your Senator’s office to lodge your complaint
Tumblr: Save The Internet
Tumblr: Save The Internet

What this says about you: All the above, BUT you were willing to put your own statement on your own blog (much like this one) AND you were willing to pick up the phone, identify yourself as a living, breathing constituent and say your peace.

Nothing motivates the Congress critters like phone calls and my Senator’s office (Sen. Saxby Chambliss of Georgia) admitted they were getting a high volume of calls today in opposition to SOPA/PIPA.

Unless you’re a douchebag, you should probably do this. (I just did it. Still probably a douchebag though.)

Or sign that Google petition.

Or post that Oatmeal cartoon.

Or, at the very least, read some more about why the laws are crap.

Failing that, just enjoy some of the sites that are blacked out and fill your internets with rage.

It is demanded of you for using this thing.

Anyhow, we’re all damned fools for thinking this party wasn’t going to be crashed by the police at some point.

The music is too loud (betcha thought I was gonna say “stolen”).
We didn’t invite the neighbors (mine don’t even know I have this blog and we’re probably NOT Facebook friends)
A few dicks are always going to ruin it for everyone.

Until tomorrow.