Cursed by John Mayer’s Daughters

Jenn had the song Daughters by John Mayer in her head all day yesterday. She sang it on the way home from work and all night as she worked on her PC in our office.

I caught the bug.

I woke up this morning humming the tune and Jenn and I shared some angst about getting the song un-stuck. Then, as I drove into my parking deck, I caught the song on Q100.

I now have a 0% chance of freeing myself from it’s icy grip today.

4 thoughts on “Cursed by John Mayer’s Daughters

  1. I like the new look! It takes a moment to get used to, but the colors are cool.

    I also think that your last few posts have been really good. Good info on the blogging post, good emotion on the one about your grandma. I really enjoyed reading them.

  2. Janelle marie says:

    The “Daughters” by John Mayers has really moved me. Every day I wake up and hope that “my song” will come on. I look forward to hearing it every day. I only wish that they hada radio station that played “Daughters” all day. As soon as I can find a John Mayers cd with the song “Daughters” on it no dobut I will be the first person to get it.

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