Pirated Reading Material

I’ve got a full set of Fables, Gotham Central and Y The Last Man to keep me company until I start the pull list up again. I know, I know. I had promised you (and me) that I would do it last weekend, but finances are a tricky thing. Until I can line up the liquid capital to subscribe again, I’ll make due with jpegs from the ether.

While I’m at it, what other nifty titles I should be stealing reading?

2 thoughts on “Pirated Reading Material

  1. yeah…steal it read it…I often think about this…
    The entire elementary system of the net needs a good ass kickin…the kids who systemed the system were in the right…but the artist again got sent to the back of the line…and the artist is usually the coolest kid in the line…I am talking about the big picture…in 20 years I wanna meet the artist of the net…that fellow will be one cool (cold) guy…
    just blah blah…sorry to blah blah on your site Seth

  2. Feel free to blah blah here anytime, Nate. And I agree, the artist is getting screwed, but I’ll gladly pay after I try these comics and see if I like them. Otherwise, they’re in the recycle bin.

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