Now that we’re a week into spring and the Easter holiday weekend has almost passed us by, I’m sitting here fat and happy, high on too much candy and brunch. I’m weary this year that I may be becoming too fat and too happy. One of which sounds bad (and is), the other of which doesn’t seem possible (or probable) but can be a real spur in your side.

We’re into that season of rebirth, springtime, when everything seems to be shedding gray winter coats in favor of floral patterns and pastel shades. The trees, the neighborhood homes, the people and their children and pets. Everything is painted with new hues from new brushes; even the air seems new to breath. It’s fun to be alive again.

But like a lot of people, I have trouble letting go of the past even when the future is warm and inviting, cool from the breeze and placid after the afternoon shower. I keep thinking that we’re a quarter done with 2005 and what have I done?

So today is important and not just because it’s Easter Sunday. Today is important because it is a delineation, a line of demarkation, a milestone.

Today I’m striving not to bitch about my weight. Or complain of being tired. Or lose my temper driving. Today is my rebirth.

Today I’m working to love my wife and my baby more. Kiss them more. Hug them more. Tell them more often that I love them. Today is my rebirth.

Today I’m opening up my eyes to all the possibilities. Books not yet read or written. Job opportunities ripening on the vine, ready to be plucked. Friendships to be cultivated. Today is my rebirth.

I’m going to print my personal mantra and live up to it. I’ve only got one direction (the next second, minute, hour day) to go and that’s towards my next tomorrow.

Evolution Revolution Love.
It’s all about rebirth.

I may not be a flowering tree or a butterfly, but this is my season of change. Today is my rebirth.

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  1. April Fool

    I am not about to be this heavy for the rest of my life. I have a beautiful wife, an awesome child and a good job. I don’t need to spend the rest of my days complaining about “Dunlap disease”, tiredness, aching knees and pains in my lower back. T…

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