Forward Turn Signals

I’m weary of people turning left. Whenever I approach a red light and I’m in the left-hand lane I’m outwardly nervous that the drivers in front of me will turn left. Most of them, if not all, will not signal. On the rare occassion they do signal, I make sure I avoid them and get in the other lane.

But these are just symptoms of a much larger problem. I could try and define the problem as my own and try to come to grips with my own insecurites, but why? Why should I be the one to change when there is a clear technological solution?

Forward Turn Signals.

Think about it. Those of us who are responsible, thoughtful drivers could let other people know “I’m not turning. I’m going straight through this intersection.” No more guesswork about drivers with hidden agendas. Intelligent, classy individuals could start a whole new trend in cooperation and good manners.

Of course, the real root of this problem, no matter how I try to avoid it, is the rapid decline in signal use. Sure, we could make cars with forward signals, but who would use them? I would, for one, but I’m afraid I’d be the only one.

Still, a frustrated commuter can daydream. Just not in traffic.

2 thoughts on “Forward Turn Signals

  1. Exactly. The stupid ass drivers still wouldn’t use the forward signals, so instead we should we allow one to shoot a driver who doesn’t use their signal. I think that would be quite a deterrent. Or not.

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