I’m meeting Monica Gellar

Or rather I’m meeting Courtney Cox Arquette the actress who portrayed Monica Gellar for 10 years on the hit TV show Friends.

Courtney and her wacky husband, David Arquette, are executive producing a reality show for TBS through their production company, Coquette Productions. The show centers around a comedienne form the UK, Daisy Donovan, on her quest to live the American dream. Hence the title: Daisy Does America. From the clips I’ve seen of her British show, Daisy seems incredibly funny and relatable, two of the big cornerstones of TBS now that we’re very funny.

The producers meeting was just recently re-scheduled so I don’t know when I’ll officially be meeting the Arquettes and Daisy, but it should be soon. If I can be sycophantic I’ll try to snap a few pics and get a few autographs and post the pics on Flickr. As soon as I know more, you’ll know (and see) more.

God, I love working in television!

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