Coke Zero

Last week, Dave Winer mentioned Coke’s newest “diet” soda, Coke Zero. I mentioned it to my wife and we decided to buy a 20 oz. bottle and share the pain. I was nonplussed, but thought it was marginally better than Diet Coke. Jenn thought it was a dramatic improvement. We’ll agree to disagree.

What is great about the new “pop” is that it has zero calories, zero carbs and zero fat. Zero. Coke Zero. Get it?

This drink is a South Beach Dieter’s dream. Plus, it’s guy-friendly: black packaging, “chill” marketing and no hint of the word “diet”.

My in-laws should be at the top of the list to give it a try, being huge drinkers of Diet Coke and Caffeine Free Diet Coke (guh!). Maybe we’ll suggest it to them as an alternative to their current sugar-water.

Until then, have a Coke Zero and a smile.

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