No one said the word: Booger!

Do you ever have the irrational fear that people are staring at you.

Looking at your face a bit too closely. Following your movements with too much concern.

I’d say I was paranoid, but then I looked in the mirror.

You see, I went to work out yesterday afternoon like I do every Monday. Same time. Same place. Same nice girl who gives me my locker key.

Except she stared.

And furrowed her brow.

And tried to hide a smirky, blushy, eye-darting weirdness. But I noticed anyway.

Upon entering the locker room I went straight to the bathroom mirror. There, staring me and every else dead in the face, a fantabulous floating booger in my right nostril, daring people to tell me to blow my nose.

But no one had said a thing. Not so much as a helpful “sniff” or a mimed upper lip rub.

And here I am with snot acquainting itself with my coworkers and finding nothing but silence.


No one said a word.

I’d have said “Booger!”. Pointed. Laughed. Moved on knowing the situation had been rectified.

Instead, I was the one blushing and eye-darting my way through a workout that felt awkward all evening.

Oh, well. More where that came from.

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