Signs of the Apocalypse, Part I

No, I’m not going to mention the Presidential election or the Wall Street Bailout, I’m going to blog about beer.

Namely the fact that I had healthy (and sometime unhealthy, considering the outcome of the UGA/Bama game) doses of two of Anheiser Busch’s latest products.

First, Landshark Lager.
Which is essentially a Corona knock-off.
YMMV depending on your enjoyment, or lack thereof, of Corona.
And yes, it’s an AB offering, despite the “Margarittaville Brewing” tag and mention of Jacksonville, FL, it’s still AB

Second, Budweiser American Ale.
Nothing to write home about but really nothing to hate.
Kinda like my reaction to Bud Light, actually.

So I’ve given them my money and maybe a little bit of my soul, because I’m thinking I’ll purchase these two again?

Is this the slow slide into oblivion via lowering standards.

Hell, I’m having another Landshark!


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