Separated at Birth: Judge Alex & Rob Riggle

This post is little more than a goof on my normal, regular (and oh-so-serious) Separated at Birth posts.

Running on the treadmill the other day at the gym I noticed the show Judge Alex was on. I wasn’t listening – I had my headphones plugged in to my iPhone – so my first thought was “Is The Daily Show/Saturday Night Live doing some kind of skit about syndicated Judge shows?”

I honestly thought Judge Alex was Rob Riggle. Then again, I only watch TDS/SNL online so I didn’t know Rob was mostly just shilling beer now.

My bad.

Anyhow, here’s a brief look at the “facts” which somehow colluded to cloud my already addled mind:

  Judge Alex (Real name: Alex Ferrer) Rob Riggle
Judge Alex
Judge Alex
Rob Riggle
Rob Riggle
DOB 1960 April 21, 1970
Physique/Presence Imposing Intimidating
Hairline Widow’s Peak Rakishly Fraternal
Military/Police Experience Former Police Officer Lt. Col, US Marine Corps Reserves; currently working with as a public affairs officer NYC Public Affairs

YMMV, but I honestly thought they were one and the same. Hey, they’re both on the TV!

Happy Thursday!

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